People are addicted to our “wellness” shots but that’s a good thing!
Our shots were developed to help you with specific nutritional needs.
Take single shots at the counter while you wait, or make it a double with bottled shots you can take home.


VITAMIN B-12 – $7.00
energy booster, liquid b-12
boosts energy and regulates mood

CIDER BOMB – $6.00
appetite suppressant raw apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, cayenne
suppresses appetite and kills bad bacteria

HOT SHOT – $6.00
cold & allergy relief lemon, ginger, cayenne
relieves cold & allergy symptoms and aids in digestion

anti-inflammatory orange, turmeric, cayenne
combats inflammation and is a powerful anti-oxidant

HEY HONEY – $6.00
juiced lemon, juiced ginger, raw Texas honey
anti-bacterial & anti-viral
sore throat & cough remedy